Building a Giving Culture

The purpose of the Student Philanthropy program is to enhance the culture of giving at NMSU by helping students create a memorable legacy, understand the crucial role they play in the future of NMSU, and contribute as proud Aggie alumni.

Reasons to Give:

1. Your experience at NMSU has had an impact on your life and you want others to have the same opportunity.

2. You want to make a difference at NMSU by supporting the programs you are passionate about. 

3. You want to leave a legacy that inspires future Aggies. 

4. Giving makes you happier.

Whatever the reason, giving is your chance to have a positive influence on things you care about. Giving has already had an impact on your experience at NMSU. Tuition only covers a portion of the University's operating revenue. Donors who invest in students like you help cover the difference.

What is Student Philanthropy?

Many associate the word philanthropy with monetary donations to further a specific cause and that is certainly true, however it encompasses much more than that. A philanthropist is anyone who gives of their “time, treasure, and talent,” to further a cause they support.

Why is Student Philanthropy important to NMSU?

NMSU exists due to the generous support of individuals and like-minded institutions. Contributions take many forms, including time, volunteer work, and financial resources, but all gifts do exactly the same thing: they help NMSU deliver a quality education to our students.

Why should I give? 

As a Land Grant Institution, NMSU relies on gifts from individuals, grants, and foundations to provide scholarships, improve current student programs, and maintain the caliber of education that you get at NMSU. Also, it’s important to know that tuition only covers a portion of the University's operating revenue. Without the generous support from alumni, parents, trustees, foundations, and friends, NMSU would not be the institution it is today, and many students wouldn’t be here.

Making a gift to NMSU is the best way to carry the message that NMSU is unconditionally committed to fostering an education community that supports discovery. Your gift — no matter what the size — is needed for NMSU to continue a strong tradition of alumni philanthropy. In turn, it helps NMSU remain nationally competitive and attracts additional outside funding for things like new programs, faculty resources, and student scholarships. Every gift matters. Plus, it’s tax deductible!

What do I get out of it?

You may not realize it, but NMSU alumni have impacted your life.  Tuition covers around 60% of what it costs to educate an NMSU student.  You have benefited from their generosity with financial aid, scholarships, and enhanced student life. Your gift will increase our donor participation, which will enable NMSU to achieve a higher national ranking, increase the value of your degree, and attract more corporate and foundation gifts.

Your gift will help keep tuition affordable, upgrade equipment and technology, and improve the overall campus experience. You can even make your gift in honor of the person that has been a positive influence and made a difference in your life at NMSU.

How can I contribute?

There are numerous ways to support NMSU.  You can call the Development office at (575) 646-1613; email or make your gift online

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