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Support Students Today! Students can give to the programs they love and  help other students: Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences student Krysta Klimaj knows how to talk with people about  how their gifts can change the lives of students. In May, she stepped forward with her own gift. As an employee of the Aggie Pride Call Center, Krysta reaches out to current and future donors. She and other Aggie Pride Callers earn money and gain valuable experience while seeking contributions for NMSU.  Her outreach  helps to strengthen the relationship between alumni, parents, and friends, and helps colleges and programs.

“It’s an interesting job,” she remarks. “Not easy, but it is a real learning experience. I’ve spoken to alumni who  also went through ACES, and they give me really great advice.”

The Albuquerque native enjoys providing program and university updates that show donors how their gifts are improving NMSU- and helping current and future students to meet their educational goals.   When the Aggie Pride callers were invited to contribute to the University through the Crimson Colleagues Campaign, Krysta thought about all of the opportunities donors create for students. The decision to make a donation in support of the College of ACES was an easy decision that gave her a chance to view NMSU from a donor’s perspective.

“We always explain to our donors that every gift makes a difference,” said Krysta, “and that every gift helps. It makes me feel good that our gifts are used to recruit great professors and fund scholarships for students, and even though my funds are limited, I gave because I know that someone will benefit, whether it is from a scholarship or another program.”

Although 2015 was the inaugural year for this type of campaign, the APCC Campaign achieved one hundred percent participation, raising gifts for scholarships, programs and colleges from all twenty student callers, and setting a great example of the impact that student philanthropy can have on University progress.

Krysta is excited to think that her gift will help others. “I am compelled to donate,” she says, “because I am achieving my dream, and I want other students to achieve their dreams.” Krysta is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in companion animal rehabilitation, which helps post operation and injured animals to live more pain free lives. It is one of many degrees offered by the college.

Nigel Holman, Director of Annual Giving, hopes that other students will be encouraged  to contribute to whatever they love at  NMSU. “I am very proud of the example set by Krysta and her fellow students at the Aggie Pride Call Center,” he said. “Not only do they work hard every night to reach out to NMSU alumni and friends, but through their own generosity they are setting an example for all employees, alumni, and students of NMSU. Every gift makes a difference and if everyone connected to NMSU were to match the generosity of the students of the Aggie Pride Call Center the impact on the university would be truly enormous.”

Students can support NMSU by giving to a variety of programs and initiatives. For more information about programs for student giving, please contact Adrian Bautista, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, (575) 646-2552.



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