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President's Associates

The President’s Excellence Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships available to students at New Mexico State University. It is awarded to new entering freshmen with markedly superior academic ability. Selection is competitive and based on proven academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

NMSU scholarship application required

Award: Stipend of $1,625/semester

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Enrolled in minimum of 15 new credit hours at the Las Cruces campus the first regular semester immediately following graduation from a NM high school
  • NM resident
  • Admission to the Las Cruces campus no later than January 18th
  • Degree seeking
  • NMSU scholarship application submitted no later than January 18th
  • 3.75 GPA & 28 ACT or 3.5 GPA & 30 ACT
  • FAFSA Submitted by March 1st

Renewal Requirements:

  • Minimum enrollment of 15 new credit hours each semester
  • 3.25 semester GPA first semester and 3.5 cumulative GPA thereafter
  • Completion of 15 new graded credit hours each semester
  • 8 semester maximum or attainment of a Bachelor Degree (graduation), whichever comes first
  • Deadline:
  • Apply at: Scholar Dollar, or visit the Financial Aid website.

President's Associates 17-18 Incoming Class

Avery Sanford - Albuquerque

David Fricke - Albuquerque

Justin Best - Albuquerque

Grace Lopez - Santa Cruz

Danae MelÓn - Las Cruces

Alejandro Acosta - Mesquite

Adam Takeshita - Fairacres

Taylor Mitchell - Hatch

Sage Barraza - Yeso

Connor Draney - La Luz

Rebekah McCarty - Reserve

Gabriel Doherty - Farmington

Garrett Wright - Clovis 

Meet the President's Associates Board

Lee Ellen Banks

Anna Price

David Osborne

Elizabeth Abrahms

Paul Rightley

Dennis Towne

Ann Gardner

Chris Hakes

Wanda Arnold

Craig Buchanan

Miriam Chaiken


All Current President's Associates Scholars



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