NMSU Pioneers

Who are NMSU Pioneers?

Pioneers are NMSU retirees or NMSU employees (and their spouses) who worked at NMSU at least 20 years. The NMSU Pioneers were founded in 1984 by NMSU President Emeritus Gerald Thomas and others. Pioneers capitalize on the experience of former employees and support the NMSU mission of "teaching, research, and service" by providing a community of colleagues for members, preservation of history, and help to promote top quality education and excellence at NMSU.

NMSU Pioneer Book Scholarship

Since 1984, the NMSU Pioneers have focused on awarding scholarships and in 1995, the NMSU Pioneers funded a current use scholarship to provide two $250.00 book scholarships to students at NMSU. With dedicated board leadership, generous donors, and administrative support by the NMSU Foundation, the program has grown to support five $1,000 scholarships annually.

In recent years, the Board decided to honor past leaders of the NMSU Pioneers who have recently passed away. This tradition continues and scholarship recipients have the opportunity to meet with the Pioneers as well as the families of honored board members at the luncheons and other special events.

Your gift to the Pioneer Book Scholarship will make an impact for NMSU students. The financial cost of books continues to be significant and an award of $1,000 can be a game-changer for NMSU students. Donations to the scholarship assist students and assure they are able to purchase the textbooks they need and not go without the resources necessary to succeed. 

Click here to put books into the hands of our NMSU Aggies by making a contribution!

Your commitment and donation will assist with further Pioneer Book Scholarships. Join us as we impact our students today!

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