Thank You for Supporting Your NMSU Student

Parents' gifts help to improve the experience of all NMSU students and families. That philanthropy has a powerful and lasting impact on current and future generations.

When parents and families send their students to New Mexico State University, they are entrusting NMSU with an important responsibility-that of educating and guiding them on a path of discovery. It's a responsibility that every person in the NMSU community takes seriously. From our athletics coaches, to members of the faculty, and extending to library staff, resident advisors and groundskeepers, NMSU has a mission to help every student make the most of their NMSU experience.  Philanthropy helps in realizing that mission.

We are honored that you have chosen NMSU for your son, daughter, or family member. You are invited to deepen your commitment to NMSU and the university community through your philanthropy. Parent and family philanthropy is a longstanding tradition at NMSU, and it is one that can grow and flourish with your help.

Families have established legacies and supported the colleges, programs, and faculty that shaped their lives and the lives of students they love. In doing so, families have made a tremendous difference for the entire university. Annual giving encourages parents and families to give in support of NMSU's operating costs and strategic priorities. Every annual gift is meaningful, and every gift impacts students.

We hope that every family will add philanthropy to its family traditions.

Pictured above: A parent meets a member of the orientation staff during the Aggie Welcome Orientation.   

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