Students can give to the programs they love and  help other students- Just ask Krysta.

Krysta Klimaj Agricultural Consumer and Environmental Sciences student Krysta Klimaj knows how to talk with people about  how their gifts can change the lives of students. In May, she stepped forward with her own gift. As an employee of the Aggie Pride Call Center, Krysta reaches out to current and future donors. She and other Aggie Pride Callers earn money and gain valuable experience while seeking contributions for NMSU.  Her outreach  helps to strengthen the relationship between alumni, parents, and friends, and helps colleges and programs.

“It’s an interesting job,” she remarks. “Not easy, but it is a real learning experience. I’ve spoken to alumni who  also went through ACES, and they give me really great advice.” Read more



When Students Give to NMSU, They Change Lives and Communities

A scholarship changed Joellen's life, putting her on a path discover mentors, and purpose. When students make gifts-of any size- to the programs they love, their generosity creates opportunities for students like Joellen, a student in New Mexico State University's College of Engineering. 

Math and physics were her favorite subjects in high school, so it isn’t surprising that Joellen identified a passion for the Engineering field early on, and she found that her coursework stimulated an affinity for problem solving. She particularly enjoys working with computer systems and robotics.

Joellen's daily routine at NMSU involves time in the computer labs, quiet study in the library and meetings with her advisor. She is grateful that NMSU makes so many resources and support systems available for students.

“I always feel as though I have a place to go, and I never feel like I am one student among thousands,” says Joellen.

Because of donors’ generosity and her own hard work, Joellen receives a scholarship that allows her to engage fully with her educational experience, and she is making the most of that opportunity. She is taking a full course load of ‘very technical classes’ that demand intense study and focus, as well as experiential lab sessions where she can put theoretical knowledge into practice. 

She’s also inspiring other students to explore robotics through her work with Project Neo, a national contest for high school students. By mentoring aspiring students in the fields that she loves, Joellen hopes to recruit future engineers and programmers.

 As a student, you can recognize that college can be an important part of a young person's life. Joellen is already changing lives and helping others. Your gifts can help more students to realize their dreams.

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