An Investment in NMSU's Future 

Endowed Gifts are permanent gifts that secure New Mexico State University's future. When Michael L. Johnson and his wife, Judy, found they wanted to have a permanent impact on NMSU, promote geosciences research, and exemplify undergraduate research and teaching opportunities, they gave a $1 million gift to the Department of Geological Sciences to establish the first-ever endowed chair for the NMSU College of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Geological Sciences. Dr. Frank Ramos was selected as the endowed chair, and has since provided stellar research opportunities to NMSU Geology students.

Like they have on the Geological Sciences Department, endowed funds have a lasting impact on NMSU. To see an example of the impact currently happening at NMSU because of endowed funds, view the 2014 Endowment Report. These funds are invested in the NMSU Foundation's pooled investment fund and a portion of the earnings is distributed annually to support the scholarship, professorship, academic chair, or university program chosen by the donor. 

For more information on creating an endowment, contact the NMSU Foundation at (575) 646-3616 or 800-342-6678. Once you decide to create an endowment, a development professional will work closely with you to help define the endowment and your wishes as a donor. 

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