Searching for Answers to Your Loyalty Giving Questions? You're In the Right Place.

Who makes annual gifts to NMSU?

Anyone can make an annual gift to NMSU. They are made by thousands of individuals every year who want to “transform lives.” It is one of the many ways in which the University is, in the words of NMSU President Garrey Carruthers, “a caring community.” Our donors include alumni, faculty and staff members, friends of the university, parents, and even current students.

What is the impact of Loyalty giving at NMSU?

Loyalty giving creates opportunities for students in every department and college at NMSU. Loyalty gifts become direct scholarship awards to students or support for programs, research and new equipment. Every dollar addresses a need that is identified by scholarship coordinators and faculty members. They are the people who know best the students who can benefit from additional support and where an upgrade to a classroom or laboratory can reap the greatest benefit.

Last year, for example, over 3,000 students received donor-funded scholarships at NMSU. Each young man or woman helped in this way will have their own story of how the valuable support they received made a difference. When you receive “thank you” notes from scholarship recipients, you will hear first-hand about the impact of your gift.

Can I designate which school or area receives my support?

NMSU’s invites donors to “give to what you love.” It is up to you whether you want to support your own department, one of our fine athletics teams, or an academic scholarship in your college. All gifts are truly appreciated and used wisely.

It is quick and simple to give to the fund of your choice through our online giving page. Other ways to give include answering the call from one of our students at the Aggie Pride Call Center or mailing in a check in response to letters you may receive periodically from President Carruthers or other NMSU leaders.

My company will match my gift. How do I secure a match?

First, thank you for thinking about this. It is an excellent way to multiply the impact of your gift. Every company handles their matching gift programs differently, so we recommend that you contact your HR department directly. MatchFinder contains current information on which companies match gifts and the requirements of each program. We would love for you to be a Matchmaker! P.S. Don’t forget that you can also typically receive matching gifts for NMSU from your spouse’s company!

Can I support NMSU with a recurring gift?

Absolutely! NMSU launched a new program to support those that give on a recurring basis. In honor of our beloved mascot, Pistol Pete, you can show your pride by becoming a rePETE donor by choosing to rePETE your gift monthly or annually through our secure online platform. You can choose the amount of your gift and the dates it is taken from your account. rePETE gifts can help your philanthropic goals fit into your monthly budget. Most who use this option will say that they barely notice the funds leaving their account.

 Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Yes! All annual fund gifts are tax-deductible to the extent that the law allows.

 Are there other reasons to make my gift every year?

Your annual gift provides essential support for scholarships and programs, but that isn’t the only reason to make a gift. Corporations and foundations partly base their own funding decisions on the support that alumni and friends provide to NMSU. Simply put, they give to institutions that also receive broad-based support from individuals. Alumni giving rates are also part of college rankings published by U.S. News and World Report and other organizations and used by families when selecting for a university for their children. When you show your Aggie pride with an annual gift, you are putting the spotlight on our great university and encouraging future Aggies to follow in your footsteps.


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