The average worker will spend 35% of his or her lifetime at work. That kind of closeness can create strong bonds between colleagues and work teams, especially in a community where colleagues share the mission of changing the lives of students. It is no wonder that New Mexico State University faculty and staff take special pride in the way we look out for each other. Our caring community is like a favmily.  When someone in that family faces hardship, such as the death of a beloved spouse, a financial setback or an emergency, people at NMSU are apt to notice, and to take action.

The Perozynski Employee Emergency Assistance Program empowers Aggies to help Aggies. The Fund provides a way for NMSU employees to watch out for one another in times of crisis. Dr. Margaret Lovelace, a former faculty member at Carlsbad  Community College, started the fund in 2012, after a close friend suffered a devastating health crisis that spiraled into financial crisis. Her vision of a lifeline for faculty who lacked medical or financial support has already made a huge difference in the lives of several faculty members in challenging circumstances. The program provides a one-time award for emergency situations.  Recipients are never asked to repay the funds.

Currently available to faculty, the program disburses small grants funded by interest generated on an endowment of $50,000. Once the fund reaches $75.000, eligibility requirements will be expanded to allow applications from staff and adjunct faculty.

Dr. Dario Silva, EAP Director, stresses that the program demonstrates the trusting, caring nature of NMSU and all of its campuses.

Image of Dr. Dario Silva

"Members of the community helped to create and build this, through payroll deductions and gifts, and it makes a difference. Emergencies and illness can devastate anyone. Make a difference in the life of a colleague facing a crisis by making your gift." - Dr. Dario Silva, EAP Director




If you would like to contribute to this fund, one of the many programs supported by NMSU's Crimson Colleagues, which helps fellow Aggies and asks for nothing in return, please make a gift to the Perozynski Employee Emergency Assistance Program. Your payroll deduction or one-time gift can make a big difference in the life of a friend or colleague.

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