NMSU Alumni Association Chapters

The NMSU Alumni Association connects alumni from all over back to NMSU through chapter programming. Geographical chapters are organized based on the number of alumni who live in a certain area, like Phoenix, Arizona. Interest groups are organized based on the number of alumni with a uniting interest, like band or Army ROTC. Chapters plan events like chile roasts, senior send-offs, or Aggie hours to gather alumni in their area. Everyone is invited to participate in chapter events, so update your contact information today!

If there is not a chapter in your area or if you would like to connect with the NMSU Alumni Association, please contact alumni@nmsu.edu.

There are geographical chapters in the following states:


Phoenix - Joel Granger, '98 



Los Angeles -  Hector Castaneda, '95 


San Diego - Rene Loya, '03 and Michelle Loya, '02


San Jose (Bay Area) - Leanne Sawyer '12


Colorado - Bill Myers, '80   


District of Columbia

Washington, DC - Adam Alvarez, '06, '08



Florida -  Jose Uranga, '69 

New Mexico

Albuquerque - Adam Thompson, '08 

Four Corners - G. Pam Erickson, '86, '89
Las Cruces -  Crystal Lay, '02, '10 and Andrea Sparkevicius, '91, '99 

Los Alamos - Patrick Padilla, '89, '89
Santa Fe - chapter leader needed
Silver City -  Hal Hopson, '55 


Dallas -  David Cooley, '78  
El Paso -  Tony Ramirez, '02 and Joe Moody, '03  
Houston -  Stephanie Pribble, '11 

The following interest groups are established: 

Army ROTC - Matt Mossburg,  '08
Band -  Brian Theodorson, '96

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