Outstanding Graduate Award

As the New Mexico State University Alumni Association’s highest honor for a student, the Outstanding Graduate Award honors a graduating student from each academic college and Office of International and Border Programs, as well as a master's and doctoral student from the Graduate School. 

All honorees are named Outstanding Graduates by the deans or leaders of their respective colleges and programs. This is a very special honor that carries with it the knowledge that, as outstanding graduates, the recipients were not only marked by achieving high academic standards, but also by a high level of involvement in the community.  These outstanding individuals are leaders, as well as good students. They have demonstrated a tremendous focus on academics; active participation in activities that embrace their leadership skills; and an ability to conceptualize and communicate needed practices for success in their education and personal lives.  

The NMSU Alumni Association hosts the Outstanding Graduate Award Luncheon every semester the Friday before commencement and presents the award to each recipient with family and friends attending. 

Outstanding Graduate Award Recipients Fall 2017

Jessica Gustin - College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
Alma Sarahi Chavez - College of Arts & Sciences 
Sandanee Turner - College of Business
Kelcie Gerry - College of Education
Victor Meraz - College of Engineering
Kimberly Shipton - College of Health & Social Services
Jose Carlos Murguia - Graduate School - Master's Degree
Virginia Bleu Knight - Graduate School - Ph.D.

Outstanding Graduate Award Recipients Spring 2017

Miguel Juan Vigil III - College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences
Alejandra Lerma - College of Arts & Sciences 
Ismael Torres - College of Business
Carla Villareal - College of Education
Caitlynn Roy - College of Engineering
Nichole Meyer - College of Health & Social Services
Trevor Harris - Graduate School - Master's Degree
Mohamed Ibrahim - Graduate School - Ph.D.

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Photo (L to R)  front row: Caitlynn Roy, Miguel Juan Vigil, Carla Villareal, Alejandra Lerma, and Nicole Meyer  (L to R) back row: Mohamed Ibrahim, Ismael Torres, and Trevor Harris 

American Indian Program Recipient - Fall 2017

Lanie Rae Padilla - Bachelor of Agriculture in Aminal Science

American Indian Program Recipient - Spring 2017

Raymond Manuelito - Bachelor of Criminal Justice 

Dona Ana Community College Recipients - Spring 2016

Dereck Holder - Technical and Industrial Studies Division 
David Testa - Technical and Industrial Studies Division 
Joshua Jackson - Business and Information Systems Division
Andrew Donaldson - Health and Public Services Division
Lori Mitchell - General Studies Division 

NMSU Alamogordo College Recipients - Spring 2016

Max Marinescu - Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education 
Vicente Lombraña - Math, Engineering, Science, & Health 
Tim Schoebel - Professional Occupations, Technologies, & Fine Arts 


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