Alumni Association Scholarships

The Alumni Full Tuition Scholarship

The Alumni Full Tuition Scholarship covers all tuition expenses for an NMSU junior or senior on a rotating basis in the respective colleges. This scholarship is supported by an endowment fund established by the Alumni Association. Applications are sent from the Office of Financial Aid and reviewed by the Association’s awards committee who selects the recipient(s). 

The Past Presidents Student Leader Scholarship

The Past Presidents Student Leader Scholarship is awarded each year to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in high school and their community. Each scholarship is funded by the past presidents of the Alumni Association through an endowment that was created by former presidents of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association's awards committee reviews the applications and selects the recipient(s).

The New Mexico Centennial Alumni Scholarship 

The NMSU Alumni Association celebrated the 100th anniversary of the State of New Mexico by establishing a scholarship fund to support New Mexico students who pursue a degree at NMSU. 

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Pistol Pete Scholarship

The Alumni Association provides two Pistol Pete Scholarships worth $3,000 per academic year ($1,500 per semester) and can be used for tuition, housing, books or anything else the student needs. The Pistol Pete Scholarship is one of several scholarship funds supported by the license plate program. The students selected as Pistol Pete serve as the university’s mascot at athletic functions and work with the Alumni Association on various alumni events. Student(s) must be selected as Pistol Pete to receive this scholarship.

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